a r t i s t    s t a t e m e n t

A successful landscape or abstract will draw you into it's perceived environment and encourage you to explore. My aim, with painting, is to do just that with the added notion that you're discovering a long lost artifact or treasure that has survived despite being weather-beaten, aged or forgotten. A relic's ability to stand the test of time seems to add value in ways of appreciation, sentiment and worthiness. My approach in creating a "modern relic" is a way of celebrating the process of aging, nature and our desire to add value to those aspects. Whether it's in a museum or a flea market, a relic is ultimately valued by the finder/beholder.

Materials: I use acrylic, acrylic glazes and various mediums on a variety of wood panel materials. The panels I use are typically donated, 'found' wood, or scrap. The wood grains, textures and imperfections provide a firm and somewhat random surface that can encourage a painting's direction. In a sense the wood participates along with me in the process.

Approach/method/technique: intuitive, free and spontaneous, yet deliberate, conscious and intended.

Major Influences: the linear, geographic qualities of Art Deco, George Inness and his lucid depictions of nature.
Modern Influences: Michael Kessler, Brandon Cook

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